Dr. Lubos Barta
Dr. Luboš Bárta, MBA

Editor-in-chief of the Czech SOMMELIER Magazine / Revue for Hotel and Restaurant.
Laureate of the annual PRIX de l´OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin, based in Paris) for the best book of the year 2014 in the field od wine economics.
Laureate of the annual Vindemia Acta 2012 prize, awarded by The Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association for lasting contributions to promoting wine from the Czech Republic.
Chancelor of the Business Institute Prague, the leading Czech MBA school, head of MBA courses for Public Relations and Marketing Communication in the Wine Business and Tourism and Hospitality management.

phone +420 323 656 600, handy +420 602 270 830

International taster, a renowned wine-writer, wine-critic and photographer, teacher and lecturer of courses and seminars on wine-PR, marketing communication, enogastronomy, trainer of the gastronomy schools teachers. Lecturer of the Prague Culinary Institute. From time to time is he leading educational tours thru the world wine regions.
One of five holders of the title "Benchmark Taster 2013" by Vinopres, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Doctor Lubos Barta graduated on Faculty of Law of the Prague Charles´ University in 1982, the MBA degree (public relations and marketing communication) earned in 2012.
He is a member in good standing of the Czech Journalists Syndicate, American Wine Society, American Association of Wine Economists, WAWWJ journalists association, Association of Sommeliers of the Czech Republic.


Lectures and discussions given at several forums:
- Head of studies of the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme (ECOP) "Public Relations as an Advantage in the Wine Business", controlled by The European Social Fund (ESF)
- Lecturer for wine producers from Friuli region at Camera del Commercio Udine, Italy
- Wines from Moldova - an Increased National Brand at headquarters of Czech Chamber of Commerce etc...

Silk Road Desert Wine Congress

- Lecturer at 1st Desert Wine World Congress, Wuhai, China
- Lecturer at the Hospitality and Tourism Summit, Brno, Czech Republic
- Czech wines in history and today, Israeli Wine Festival, Eilat, Israel
- La importancia de los prescriptores en el mercado del vino - Vinus Durii, Zamora, Spain
- Speaker at Vino Jerusalem Festival, Slovenija

The book (RADIX publishing, Prague, 480 pages) was published as a textbook for an MBA study programme on Public Relations and Marketing Communications in the Wine Business. It was, however, conceived and written in such a way to allow the book to be used by winemakers in their everyday working lives as well as by those aspiring to work in this delightful profession - those studying winemaking, marketing, economics and communications who associate their professional futures with the world of wine.
In October 2014 was this book awarded in Paris by "Prix de l´OIV" for the best wine book in wine economics.

He is the author or corporate author of several other books on wine
  • The Grand Book on the Beauty of Marrying Food with Wine (& Branko Černý)
  • How to Taste Wine (& Branko Černý)
  • "50 Days with Vintners”, a guide to 64 top wineries in the Czech Republic - their stories and products (& Branko Černý)
  • Guide to the Vinotheques in Czech Republic
  • The Second book on the Beauty of Marrying Food with Wine (& Branko Černý)
  • "Pescado blanco" - original guide through spanish wines and gastronomy of Eva Petrová & Dominik Sokol
  • Third book on the Beauty of Marrying Food with Wine (& Branko Černý)
  • Public Relations and Marketing Communication in The Wine Business - B SMART IN WINE PR (2013)

  • With editor Jolana Novakova he broadcasts the Radio Wine Show on the Czech Radio (premiere 2010/2011, several times repeats) „Red and White", "The Bubbles", he participates as well as on several other radio and TV programmes. A great number of books from other writers and publicists are accompanied with his photos from the whole wine-world.
    For more about books click here.

    He took the state organoleptic examination authorizing him to act as assessor of food production since 1988, with specialisation in wine tasting as well. Since Czech republic is an European Union member, he is holder of the wine-taster certificate according of EU standards. In recent years, he has participated in national and international wine competitions as a taster or as chairman of the jury in the field of wine evaluation and at sommelier contests:
    - he is member of board and more times was a President of the international evaluation jury of Wine and Spirits Trade Fair in Prague
    - first president of the tasting panel of the annual Small Encyclopedy of Czech and Moravian Wines Contest (today Král vín = King of the Wines) since start of this Branko Černý´s project.

    He was judging or leading the juries at prestigious international wine and spirits contests as
    - OIV delegate at TERRAVINO Mediterranean International Wine Challenge, Israel (OIV)
    - President of the International Jury Sauvignon Forum Czech Republic 2010 - 2013 (OIV)
    - President of the International Jury Georgian Wine Awards, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2014 (OIV)
    - Vinalies Internationales, Paris (OIV)
    - Sélections Mondiales des Vins, Québec, Canada (OIV)
    - Vinandino, San Juan & Mendoza, Argentina (OIV)
    - MUNDUS vini, Neustadt, Germany (OIV)
    - Thessaloniki Int. Wine Competition Greece(OIV)
    - Michelangelo WIne Awards, Stellenbosch South Africa
    - China Intl. Silk Road Desert Wine Festival, Wuhai, China
    - Berliner Wein Trophy Berlin, Germany (OIV)
    - Bacchus UEC, Madrid, Spain (OIV)
    - Premios Zarcillo,, Valladolid, Spain (OIV)
    - Vino Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija (OIV)
    - Vinitaly, Verona, Italy (OIV)
    - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Rochester, NY, USA
    - Le Mondial du Rosé, Cannes, France (OIV)
    - Les Grands Concours du Monde (Riesling du Monde, Pinot Gris du Monde, Gewurztraminer du Monde), Strasbourg, France (OIV)
    - Chisinau Wine & Spirits contest, Moldova (OIV)
    - awc-vienna, Wien/Klosterneuburg, Austria
    - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, (&Lisbon, &Maastricht, &Guimaraes, &Bratislava)
    - Concours Mondial du Sauvignon, Blois, Loire, France
    - Avaliaçao Nacional Safra 2005, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil
    - Wine Brazil Awards 2006, Salvador de Bahía, Brazil
    - VinoForum (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic)
    - VinAgora, (&Eger, &Sopron) Hungary (OIV)
    - Muvina International, Prešov, Slovak Republic (OIV)
    - MUNDUS vini BioFach, Neustadt, Germany
    - Istanbul National Wine Competition, Turkey
    - Int. Cuvée Concours Ostrava, CZ, etc...

    He took part at other serious wine contests, seminars, exhibitions and trade fairs as well in Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia etc.

    He provides selected official presentations of wines in charge of Junta de Castilla y León (Excal), Spain, Tokaj Vinum Hungaricum (Tokaj Kereskedöház), Hungary, Israeli wines in the residence od Israeli ambassador in Prague, German wines (Weingut Gebrüder Anselmann), Germany and other in the Czech republic, Slovak republic as well as of Czech and Moravian wines abroad.

    Dr. Lubos BARTA has been member of board of the Sommeliers Association Czech Republic, now is member of the Association.
    - member of the Wine-experts commitee of the World Championship of Sommeliers, Athens 2004, Greece
    participant at
    - Trophee Ruinart 2004, Reims, France
    - Trophee Hubert 2006, Bratislava, Slovakia
    - 1st World Sommelier Congress 2007, Delphi, Greece
    - The Prosecco conference, Conegliano 2008, Vino in Villa Prosecco Festival

    To build the continuity between today and the future, he was for years organizer of the ATOM SOMMELIER Cup for talented juniors in Ostrava etc...

    Since 2005 is he the consultant for the Brazilian Wines.
    In 2009 awarded by Honour Diploma for his contribution to promote the international recognition of the Israeli wine industry, in 2014 awarded by the recognition letter of H.E. Yaakov Levy, the Ambassador of Israel to the Czech Republic, for contibution in bilateral relationship and understanding.
    He is also a honorary member of Confrerie vineuse du Haut Koenigsbourg, Alsace, and Confrerie du Sabre d´Or, ambassade du République tchéque.

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    Updated in October 2014

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